I have a bone to pick over Asda site switch

AS a town councillor I am expected to be quasi-judicial in respect of planning applications, and I therefore avoid public comment until I have contributed to the official procedures.

Having fulfilled this duty in the matter of the supermarket application for the Halifax Road site at council and at the now adjourned inquiry, I feel free to write that I support Calderdale Council’s refusal, since the proposal would entail a lopsided development in our town.

A refurbishment of the cinema site on Burnley Road, formerly used by Kwik Save, would serve the Ashenhurst residents who can’t get to other shops without using two buses either way, and would revive the attraction of visitors into the touristic areas of our markets and our park, thus boosting our vital industry of hospitality.

We welcomed Asda’s application for a superstore on Burnley Road, and I am dismayed that having obtained what they asked for, they seem now to scorn it and press for an alternative which we, through our elected representatives, refused as unsuitable.

I am reminded of the Aesop fable of the dog that carried a juicy bone on to a bridge, saw another dog with a similar juicier bone in the water and dived to attack it, only to lose the bone that he previously had.

Moral: don’t be greedy!

Coun Frank


Longfield Road,