I’ll keep you all posted on this cracking idea...


IT’S many people’s dream to start their own busness, but it’s the thinking up of an innovative ground-breaking idea that is the problem.

Well, I’ve got one for you and all you need to start is a bike.

You start a small delivery company delivering letters and small parcels around Todmorden, you start off very early and finish work around lunchtime. Having the rest of the day to yourself.

You have now got your captive audience, gradually you get slower and offer a poorer service, so slow that you cause your customers delays, which encourages them to collect their letters and parcels from you.

This is great, you don’t have to deliver them, the customer is doing your work for you and you are still getting a fee for delivering them!

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Then you have a brainwave - how about charging your customer extra for him doing your work for you?

What a brilliant business idea. The sender gives you a fee and so does the receiver, you get paid twice and it’s less work as well.

The idea is so good you deserve and award.

Sadly for me, it’s not my idea, it’s Royal Mail’s.

From April 4, Todmorden Sorting Office is going to charge businesses £252 per year to collect their own mail. If this fantastic business idea catches on, our milkman and paper shop will charge us extra to collect our provisions.

There could be a snag. There is the chance that your customer could then charge you for the cost of collecting their goods, goods on which a delivery fee has already been levied.

I’m that snag. I have invoiced Royal Mail at Todmorden Sorting Office a fee for the cost of collecting my mail and I suggest that every other business who collects their mail does likewise.

I’ll keep you posted if I get paid...

peter parkinson