I’m now confused over state of Independence


I WAS rather surprised to read Councillor David O’Neill’s response in your columns (March 31st) to my original letter in the March 17 issue.

I say surprised because he accuses me of attacking his reasoning for his defection from the Lib Dems and in the same breath suggests I am in someway representing a political party.

He is wrong on both counts.

Firstly, I was merely reflecting on the remarkable coincidence that his defection was immediately following what appears to be effective de-selection of him by that very same party.

The local Lib Dems selected Councillor Jennings in preference.

I would have thought that the argument regarding his defection was related to his opposition to the tuition fee issue, would have had more credibility if it came before the group had taken their decision.

Secondly, let me make myself clear, in my letter of March 17, I make no reference to my comments being those of anyone but myself. They are my own, as a ratepayer of Calderdale and as a resident of the ward which Councillor O’Neill represents.

This brings me to my question of representation, because I fear that here, yet again, there appears to be what I can only think is further confusion.

In his letter Councillor O’Neill infers he is to be an Independent candidate, yet within Calderdale Council I have been advised that he has specifically requested he be referred to as an Independent Liberal and that he did not wish to be seated with the Independent Group. I understand that all councillors within Calderdale Council received written confirmation to this effect.

So, which flag does Councillor O’Neill wish to fly? Independent, Independent Liberal, or perhaps some other flag of convenience?

Patricia E.Cooke