I must be a threat to them to warrant attack like this!

Stones Road,


I THOUGHT I must thank Patricia E. Cooke (letters, March 17) for paying me the compliment of attacking my reasoning for my defection from the Liberal Democrats.

It is not very often that a major political party feels it is necessary to attack an independent candidate and therefore I thank her for showing me the honour of being an obvious threat in the forthcoming elections.

Like all other political parties at the present time, she and the group she represents realise that the electorate not only in Todmorden but the rest of the country are becoming totally disillusioned with the false promises made before elections that are not stuck to and definitely not fulfilled afterwards.

I will not be using an agent during the forthcoming campaign and Ms Cooke can be assured that I will not be expecting a call from her to offer me support and she can be equally sure that she will definitely not be getting a call from me!