I’ve heard this, and I hope I’m wrong

If my information is correct then Sainsbury have withdrawn their application to build a supermarket on Halifax Road but Asda have, or are about to, submit one for the same out of town site and abandon their plans to build in the town centre on the Cinema/Abraham Ormerod site, work on which should have been well under way by now.

Perhaps the failure to even start work as scheduled is now clear.

I was just about convinced that a relatively small Asda in the town centre would have little detrimental effect on the market, there having been supermarkets on the site before. It may even perhaps have had a positive effect with the free parking and close proximity and would have been at the very least a visual improvement.

As for a Sainsbury on Halifax Road I was more inclined to agree with the objectors. This proposal however, if it is in fact being put forward at all, is surely the very worst of all options.

I feel sure that a no doubt very large store on the Halifax Road would have a extremely serious detrimental effect on all other traders in the town and not only on the market. Add to that the eyesore blighting the Burnley Road remaining and I sincerely hope that my information is at the very least incomplete and at best erroneous.

Derek Elton,

Byrom Street, Todmorden