If we're having a renaissance we deservebetter than this


Queen Street,


I write as a private and concerned citizen and see from your front page article on October 8 that the Rose Street Health Centre seems to be virtually doomed as a centralised community centre for the benefit of all the people of Todmorden.

Considering how many people seem to be objecting to the loss of this 'prime site' building I am rather dismayed to see that the enterprise route has still been chosen.

The people of Todmorden are extremely enterprising and wonderfully resilient and surely deserve a centralised community centre instead of being scattered throughout the town and surrounding areas.

Providing a dedicated service where existing and new groups can develop, network and thrive surely fits national and local incentives to enrich communities not just (possibly) create more footfall.

I am sure we can all appreciate that a thriving community is paramount to ongoing development of that community where people are healthier, happier, safer, less isolated and gain a sense of belonging so they feel more confident about contributing positively to the community that they live in and love.

I sincerely hope that all the agencies involved have truly thought about the people and have not become bogged down with a 'what's in it for us?' attitude.

I also sincerely hope that this will not be a development like the irreplaceable and unique Co-operative building and (almost derelict) Ormerod clinic.

If Todmorden is to have a 'renaissance' then surely it deserves a better one than this?