It is a threat to public health

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My wife and I retired to Hebden Bridge after many years of visiting and absorbing the town’s “vibe”.

Only since actually living locally have we become aware of the volume of dog mess. We live off Valley Road, and as we walk to and from the local centre we always have to watch where we tread. The small dispenser of “poop bags” attached to the art centre, has never been refilled and is now a receptacle for fag packets and beer cans.

There also appears to be inadequate signage reminding dog owners that it is an offence to allow your pet to foul the highway/footpath. Additionally, our grandchildren live up near Stubbing school, and the amount of dog fouling on the nearby planted area has to be seen to be understood!

Please, can we have some reinforcement and support to educate the unthinking dog owners to act responsibly. We do fully accept it is only a minority of dog owners, but it’s still a threat to public health.

Paul and Angela Murray

Hebden Bridge