It is excellent for worship and social events

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The local Methodist Circuit has stated that Lumbutts Methodist Chapel is due to close by the end of the year, as part of the focusing process now that many Christians opt to worship in urban centres.

As town councillor for Stoodley Ward I am very concerned not to lose this superb building which is excellent not only for worship - I enjoyed last January’s candlelit Epiphany service in the bleak midwinter - but also for general social events, private visiting and the marvellous Saturday afternoon teas which delight local visitors and tourists alike with perhaps the best value-for-money cuisine in England.

I am meeting chapel officers to discuss possiblities.

Incidentally, the chapel also has a splendid banner which a friend of mine has kindly offered to repair.

It pictures the church on one side and has a “Band of Hope” temperence design on the reverse.

I’d enjoy seeing it carried in town carnivals - not least since its message is still timely.

Coun Frank McManus,

Todmorden Town Council.