It isn’t Christmas without Rudolf!

WE totally agree with Wayne Dell about the Rudolf The Reindeer Christmas light (last week’s letters).

My daughter Lydia designed the Rudolf Christmas light eight years ago and every year all our family and friends look for him to see whereabouts he has been put in the town. Oh, the disappointment for us all this year to find he isn’t there. Why isn’t he there Calderdale? You can’t have Christmas without Rudolf!

If there are too many lights and Calderdale are unable to put them all up either because of the cost, as was said last year, or just not enough room for them all, stop the “design a Christmas light” competition and maybe instead do a “design a Christmas banner” or “design a Christmas tree decoration” competition that can be displayed in Todmorden indoor market.

Then they can all be displayed every year and none of the children, parents, family and indeed Mr Dell won`t be disappointed again!

As for having him outside your house Mr Dell, we too would love him outside our house...but we are glad you like him and like us look for him every year.

Let’s have a call for Rudolf to be returned to Todmorden ASAP with all the other lights that our children have designed over the years.

Gail and Lydia Makin