It made me feel distinctly unequal

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On Saturday, Feb 22, while in Tomorden Town Centre, my girlfriend and I were asked by a friend ‘do you want to come in The Town Hall and see what is going on?’

My first thought was, I was carrying shopping, I would take it home and come back. Then a change of mind, so we decided to go in.

As we entered the Town Hall, a woman came from behind the table and said to me “you can’t come in here, you’re a man.”

Somewhat struck by this we left. Then I thought, this is not right, so I went back to protest - this was discriminational against men, but I did not seem to get anywhere.

This woman clearly has a serious chip on her shoulder the size of a jacket spud about men.

If I am to help poor starving African children, am I told “no, you are white”! Or to prevent cruelty to animals do I have to be led by a dog or a horse?

This is George Orwell’s Animal Farm: “All animals are equal...only if you are a pig.” Poor Boxer!

Richard Burridge