It’s close of play on Friday so this pair of wardens will make you pay

ON Friday July 1, I witnessed an incident which could close our outside market - and it’s nothing to do with supermarkets.

At 4.15pm with an almost empty Bramsche Square the three remaining stalls were packing up their wares.

One of the regular three day traders, whom we see there whatever the weather, was loading his van in his usual loading spot, when suddenly two - that’s TWO - traffic wardens appeared, one taking his number.

He told them he had always loaded up there, only to be informed: “new rules, you can’t now”.

There was hardly anyone about, plenty of room for the remaining cars to exit and two traffic wardens at that time of day could only mean “it’s harass the market traders time” - otherwise how could paying two wardens at the end of trading time be justified?

Rita Olley

High Croft Road, Todmorden