It’s just greedy

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On Friday, March 21, as I was walking along the canal near Tony’s Chippy, I was witness to a most disgusting display of greed perpetrated by two traffic wardens

There is a section of road where parents of Walsden St Peters School are often forced to park, when all other areas of parking are full, as there is no other safe place to park when dropping off or picking up their children.

Parking in this particular spot is not causing any obstruction and is next to what is now waste ground.

However it would seem from the predatory behaviour of these two council representatives this makes parents easy pickings to fulfil their quota and fill the coffers.

The alternative is for parents to park on a busy road where children could easily be knocked down .

Clearly once again the price of a child’s life takes second place to a nice tasty parking fine clawed in by officious traffic wardens hiding behind the letter of the law.

Maxine Campbell