It’s now time, gentlemen, please!

I READ with despair the comments of local councillors regarding the refusal of the Sainsbury’s supermarket planning permission.

This and other such situations have led me to think that Todmorden should really be twinned with Royston Vasey, alloing it not only to keep the “precious things” such as boarded up pubs, struggling shops and a wasteland/marina fantasy, but also cash in on our little town mentality.

I couldn’t help but notice there were four people only on the front of the Todmorden News with a “say no to Sainsbury’s” banner. Was this because the photographer could not stand far enough away to photograph the other 3,000?

Finally, the marina may be unneccessary and not wanted by British Waterways and canal boat users, but it could be affordable by placing a public subscription on the anti-supermarket brigade. They could pay their share of the coat of its development and take a share of any profits made.

Twinning with Royston Vasey - that’s the town in TV’s League of Gentleman - would allow Todmorden to move forwards by moving backwards!

Arty Cox, Todmorden.