It’s time to make way for the new kids on the block - superstores

I AGREE with John Taylor (June 2) one of the more sensible letters you have printed on the subject.

We have two marinas already, one at Baltimore and another at the Golden Lion. Isn’t that enough for Todmorden?

Have the people of Todmorden suddenly got £50,000 spare cash to purchase a long boat so they can potter up and down the canal from Todmorden to Hebden Bridge and back again? The whole idea is too ridiculous for words.

As for the construction of another, who do they think is going to fund this work, which would probably cost between £5 million and £10 million?

I have no objections to any number of superstores in Todmorden now all the textile factories have gone, plus all the associated trades as well.

Superstores are now the new kids on the block. They not only bring a greater choice for the general public, they also bring jobs to the town.

I feel sorry for the people out of work. It must be heartbreaking to be cast on the scrapheap, especially young people, some of whom have never had a job.

Our young people seem to be ignored in this respect. We send them to school, then it is job done, but we don’t bother about what they will do afterwards when they leave school.

Not all our young people are clever academics who can go on to colleges or universities and a lot of parents can’t afford it either, so they will have to try and get some sort of job, which isn’t easy in this day and age.

Calderdale, stop dragging your feet and tell Sainsbury’s to go ahead with their plans for a superstore and at least it gets one eyesore cleaned up.

Todmorden should be the small jewel in the crown of Calderdale instead of the big carbuncle it is today.

Gerald Batty, Kilnhurst Road, Todmorden,