It was a pleasure and a privilege to know Peter Coles

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I’D just like to take this opportunity to pay my respects to former Mayor Peter Coles who sadly passed away last month. I had the pleasure and privilege of knowing and working with Peter over the past 8 years.

It was lovely to see St James packed to overflowing with family, friends, and colleagues, and I hope we gave him a good send-off.

The words of his grown-up children were especially touching and poignant, and our love goes out to Enid and the rest of the family.

Peter was a tremendously warm and generous man, supportive and caring to all who knew him. He had a mischievous sense of humour but was robust in his defence of the underdog. He will leave a tremendous gap in our lives.

His motto was “if you can do good then you have a duty to do it”, a maxim that I think we can all strive to live by.

Coun Nader Fekri