It was clear which of the canal cyclists improved everyone’s day

CYCLISTS on the canal towpath, I respectfully ask that you take in the following requests.

Be aware that not everyone can get out of the way quickly (and if they do they may well end up with a foot in smelly squidgy you-know-what).

Treat dogs on paths as you would horses on the road – slow down, give lots of room, and be prepared for unpredictable behaviour.

I’m writing this because just a few hours ago I had a nasty incident with a couple cycling towards Hebden Bridge from the Todmorden direction.

They were going at some speed, and as they came up behind the man leading shouted two bikes were coming through.

Three seconds later they were upon us – myself and my friend’s large and not overly bright dog. The dog saw the first one and stayed still for him to pass, but failed to spot the woman behind, who had also not slowed at all.

The dog started to move, the woman nearly hit her, and both cyclists rode off at speed shouting angrily and gesticulating at me.

Maybe I should add that I am a woman with sensory processing difficulties who walks with a stick.

Minutes later the dog and I had the exact opposite experience: a cyclist approaching from in front of us stopped his bike beside the path and waited for us to pass.

We exchanged pleasant words and went our separate ways feeling better for the encounter.

It’s pretty clear which incident improved everyone’s day!

Anonymous Standard Poodle Walker of Walsden