It will bring jobs


Everyone in Todmorden would agree what an eyesore the Abraham Ormerod Centre and former Olympia Cinema on Burnley Road have been for the past few years.

When finally someone wants to demolish them and build something new and different which would make the town look presentable than having rundown buildings, you get objections, which I really don’t understand.

In my view, the market will be busier as the new supermarket will bring in the crowds.

The main point in all this is the fact the new Netto will create more jobs! We don’t have many employment opportunities in Todmorden so this would be great news.

If the buildings were in a good state of repair and looked appealing, all of us may have objected. But when they look like a couple of boarded up houses I say demolish them, have something modern and increase employment.

Mohammed Qadir