Jobs is most important issue here

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I TOTALLY agree with the comment in Gerald Batty’s letter last week (“Calderdale, stop dragging your feet and tell Sainsbury’s to go ahead”).

This view is shared with three quarters of the people of Todmorden. I say to Calderdale “what are you waiting for?”

We need more jobs! There is none for the young people of Todmorden and nearly ALL of Todmorden folk want a Sainsbury’s, so pull your finger out and get on with it. It’s unbelievable some people think we need a marina, have they no common sense,

People don’t have £50,000 to spend on a boat when theye are struggling with bills, and the council doesn’t have £5 million to £10 million to spend on a marina, and the most important outcome will be more jobs in Todmorden.

Mohammed Qadir,