Jobs must come first and they will boost Todmorden’s economy

THE town councillors have given their backing to the proposed marina scheme - but surely the council’s main concern should be trying to attract successful businesses into the town.

Employment must be a priority.

Sainsbury’s would employ 150 and to answer Mr Caldwell’s question about what would they invest back into the town, well, those people, if only working part-time on minimum wages would generate over £1 million in earnings and into the economy every year.

The young and unemployed of this town must have a chance to work. I agree with Mr Batty, not all school leavers are academics, and must be catered for.

Working for a large supermarket would give them job opportunities, not only in shelf stacking, but in management, human resources, finance buying, stock control etc and learning the trade.

A marina is a lovely idea, but who would want to visit it between October and March considering the prevailing weather at that time of year?

Even seaside resorts are very seasonable. So you only have six months of selling ice cream and fish and chips. Come on councillors, have a big re-think on this issue.

Mr G. Silman, Todmorden.