Just a shadow of its former self

HAVING visited Todmorden for around 40 years, but not having visited for some time, I found myself recently in a town which is a shadow of its former self.

There is a noticeable air of neglect, the town centre is down at heel with numerous empty shops, and a number where the presentation leaves a lot to be desired.

The Olympia building and the condition of the Abraham Ormerod building, this latter building given its prominent position must give visitors and locals alike a very poor impression. Lack of people shopping, empty local cafes and a general air I found to be very depressing.

It seems that the local authority is happy to spend money elsewhere but not on a town which has great potential, the only noticeable commercial development appears to be provision of a Morrisons.

I understand Asda/Netto want to develop the two buildings I have mentioned and that some misguided local politician seems to think it will enhance the local shopping experience.

Wrong - local business would suffer and any likely supermarket interest is unlikely to retain architectural character.

Harry Varley

Mossley - Greater Manchester