Keep making that eye contact - it’s more reasonable all round

I AGREE completely with Geoff Evans’ analysis of car and pedestrian behaviour at the town centre roundabout and his criticism of the Todmorden Accident Prevention Council proposal for a single lane entrance on Burnley Road (Todmorden News letters, August 25), but not with his belief that there is a problem requiring a solution.

The cavalier behaviour of a minority of pedestrians and the impatiencfe of a minority of motorists doesn’t justify the reaction of expensive, unsightly barriers which encourage traffic to speed up and inconvenience pedestrians.

Following experiemnets in the Netherlands, such barriers are now being removed in many parts of the UK.

For years, Todmorden has unwittingly been demonstrating the principle that requiring pedestrians and motorists to make eye contact makes for more reasonable behaviour all round; and long may this continue.

Jonathan Bagley,

Hole Bottom Road,