Lazy decision over store

Oh great, another supermarket in Todmorden.

Not only will each approach to the town now have a budget supermarket on it but the town centre will be blighted.

Just think of all those postcards and paintings of our fantastic buildings will now have a glass and neon green monstrosity in the background! How lazy of Mayor White and the council to make this decision.

Regeneration? I bet the market stall holders don’t agree. What a lazy sweetener from the mayor that free parking can be used to access the market. What for?

Once you’ve been round Asda are you just going to the market to see what’s closed down? Or just to witness another historic building the council are letting slip into disrepair? Perhaps just to see where the Tesco will be next year!

An imaginative council would have extensively looked for ways to use the two buildings on the site. Two period buildings that fit in with a town that should be trying to attract visitors. A town famous for its mills but those have all been allowed to go too.

Even the comments on Sainsbury’s proposal was weak. The Mayor claims it was not allowed due to Asda, not that there was an exciting marina prospect put forward.

Three miles down the road we have a town with no supermarket, a working cinema and streets of independent shops that town folk use and that attract visitors and tourists.

So on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon there is a busy atmosphere rather than closed shops and a few drunk teenagers with everyone else having left for Manchester or Leeds.

I bet the members of the council are the first to leave as they obviously have no respect or love for our town. Shame on them.

G Ellis

Model Farm