Lead thieves on the prowl

I WOULD just like to thank the person or persons who were out stealing lead during the early hours of Tuesday, June 14.

First for choosing to go about their business at the beginning of a 24 hour or so dry period which meant that although we lost a considerable amount of expensive lead we suffered no subsequent water damage which is so often a feature of this kind of activity; second for their consideration in being so quiet and not disturbing our sleep.

They also may like to know that the repairs we intend to carry out will not include the use of lead. I would not like them to waste their valuable time by revisiting us with a view to repeating the operation.

Finally if I may offer them a little advice; perhaps in the future they could post a little note to inform the householder of their actions as this kind of thing is often not noticed until the aforementioned water damage which is not part of the primary intention has actually been suffered.

The said householder, I feel sure, would appreciate the gesture and if produced and delivered with due care towards forensic security should not compromise the situation or threaten the freedom of the perpetrator...

Derek Elton, Byrom Street, Todmorden.