Let’s all be vigilant and don’t be afraid to report crime to police

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I WRITE in response to the letter “The Tod That Has Two Faces” (May 12).

I was angry to hear a visitor to our town feared for their safety because of an isolated night time activity by “yobs”.

In Mr Carr’s letter he says “He won’t come back nor will the other boaters”. Am I to assume he was not the only boat on the canal at the time to witness this activity and that none of them phoned the police as there is no record of any calls made on this offence.

Had Mr Carr and friends contacted the police their evening could have been completely different.

We in Todmorden have a good working relationship with our Neighbourhood Police Team who in the past have been most effective. For example, can anyone tell me of anywhere in Britain where criminals have dumped dustbin bags full of cannabis for fear of being caugfht as has happened in Todmorden? So the yobs in question should fear they will be getting a knock on their door.

This incident highlights the need for the people of Todmorden, that if they wish to live in a crime free town, they need to be vigilant and not be afraid to contact the police.

I will finish this letter by hoping Mr Carr will appreciate that every village has its idiot, and hope that he and his family have a safe journey home to a crime-free Doncaster.

Bev and Pete Fielden,