Let’s be thankful for our NHS

May we through your columns say a word of praise to a few people who aided us last Thursday afternoon?

We were in the traffic queue and had halted at Falling Royd Bridge when my wife collapsed, unconscious at the time.

I managed to ring for an ambulance, then a face appeared at the window of the car and said: “I’m a doctor, can I help?”

His appearance gave me immense relief as he rendered assistance. Our grateful thanks to that doctor for stopping on seeing our predicament.

Soon after a paramedic arrived, then ten minutes later an ambulance turned up. All this in about twenty minutes of calling for help.

To the paramedic and the ambulance crew, you were wonderful, and as always a credit to our marvellous NHS.

We are both well over 80 years of age and have seen the inside of our Calderdale Hospital for many reasons and have to say our treatment has been second to none.

Our doctors, nurses and all concerned with our welfare do a wonderful job.

Things do go wrong as in all walks of life, so let’s be thankful for our NHS.

Ken and Esde Tyler,