Let’s look to the long term here

Carr House Fold,


IN the debate over whether or not Sainsbury’s should receive planning permission, no-one seems to be taking the logical long term view.

Supermarkets are at their peak now but in the not very distant future it is likely they will cease to exist as we know them.

Fuel prices are rocketing and the supermarket industry is heavily reliant on transport. They transport food across the planet in large quantities, using planes, ships and lorries - all high fuel consumers.

Locally, they also rely on customers driving to their stores. As fuel prices are soaring, people are starting to think about the expense of using a vehicle and what they use it for.

As real wages drop, through higher taxes being imposed on middle earners, and other people lose their jobs from all the cuts that this government are proposing, this will accelerate the trend.

Originally supermarkets built their trade on being cheap, but as fuel costs rise they will not be able to beat the locally sourced items on price. Also, as household budgets get tighter, people will start to recognise how supermarkets encourage overspending and it is feasible that over time they will gradually drift away from them.

So much food is grown for our luxury market in distant places of the globe, on land that should be used instead to feed the people who live there. Then it is transported at high cost to supermarkets in this country, where a substantial amount is thrown away when it goes past its sell by date.

This is so wrong, and as awareness grows, people are going to stop supporting this style of shopping.

How much better to allow something that will bring income to the town, rather than drain it. As fuel prices soar, people will be looking more and more to go shorter distances on holiday and visit places in this country.

We live in a beautiful valley, easily accessible by public transport from several large areas of population. We need to encourage the tourism industry here by using the site to create a beautiful area, with community gardens, a place where people can stay for all budgets, including a walking centre and a secure marina for tourist boats to moor.

I know this isn’t an original idea, I am just adding my voice in support of this alternative. People power is coming into its own, as can be seen in recent amazing events around the globe.

So many people in this town do not want this supermarket. We need to say what we do want, start visualising it and making it happen.