Let’s use the reprieve to think how we can market ourselves

SINCE we have had a reprieve (perhaps temporary) from supermarket overload, and the marina is very likely a non-starter, it might be a good time to think more imaginatively about the impressive number of advantages we have.

I have never known a town with such a range of shopping, organisations, eating places, a wonderful location and, best of all, wonderful people.

In addition we have Incredible Edible with an international reputation, Todmorden In Bloom, one of the north’s best small agricultural shows and schools talking enthusiastically of gardening, making pupils aware of food and horticulture.

In view of the massive success that themed towns have had (such as Hey on Wye, the book capital) can we not, somehow, combine these and suggest a more daring vision?

Why not try to promote Todmorden as the gradening and agricultural capital of the north? Allied retailers and manufacturers might be attracted to locate some or all of their business here.

This would almost entirely be financed from outside. I think we once had a development officer, but nothing has been heard from him/her recently/ Perhaps our council could set up a sub-committee of councilors with some relevant experience, or an association of local businessmen and women who might be able to turn this situation to their advantage?

This would almost be cost-free, and attract much needed inward investment.

Mr and Mrs Reg and Rita Olley,

High Croft Road, Todmorden.