Letter: Are you related to an evacuee?

Were you an evacuee?
Were you an evacuee?

We have received an email from an 83-year-old gentleman who was one of 33 evacuees (31 from Brighton and two from Liverpool) who joined Old Town School in March 1941.

Though his stay in Old Town was quite short, his mother came to collect him and take him back to Brighton, he has fond memories of Old Town and of Old Town School.

He remembers walking to school from Ayre View, where his host family lived, past the mill with the big chimney.

He also mentioned that there were some ‘new’ houses in front of his old house (these must be Boston Hill).

He asked us to see if any of the children have family who are related to the evacuees that came from Brighton and Liverpool?

If you have any information or names you can pass on, we would be very grateful if you could email information to admin@oldtown.calderdale.sch.uk and we will pass it on to the gentleman.

Janine Turpin, administrator, Old Town Primary School, Hebden Bridge