Letter: Labour to blame for the state of our schools

Last year Todmorden saw one of its primary school's rated as indequate by Ofsted
Last year Todmorden saw one of its primary school's rated as indequate by Ofsted

With the exception of six months, Labour has controlled Calderdale Council since 2010, and over that period the performance of schools in areas of higher levels of disadvantage has been a dismal failure.

Since Labour took control we have seen Mount Pellon, Abbey Park, last year Todmorden and only last week, I am led to believe, another primary school in Halifax being classed as inadequate by Ofsted.

All were Calderdale sponsored primaries at the time of their inspections. These schools, coupled with two senior schools, Park Lane, and recently Sowerby Bridge, have failed to provide adequate education provision to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Labour council has regular proclaimed how Calderdale is above the Yorkshire and Humberside average for educational outcomes, but what it has not told you is that we have educational performance with large disparity between the haves and have nots.

This is also very apparent when you look at the SAT figures for last year. There are large significant differences between schools in the same areas. It’s interesting but one of the most outspoken critics of last years SATs was the school that has just been classed as inadequate. It appears those SAT results were reflective of that schools performance.

Labour always keep harping on about how they are the only party who represent the interests of the disadvantaged. Well their educational performance in Calderdale when they were in government shows how hollow these claims are. Labour are the party of failure, the party that has the interests of its union members over those who are receiving public service.

Locally they have opposed every education reform put in place since 2010, especially the expansion of the academies programme. It’s interesting that in North Halifax the best performing schools at last year’s SAT were in fact academies. Labour’s performance on improving the outcomes of children from disadvantage has been abysmal.

As a Calderdale councillor I can no longer allow this record to continue without the public being made aware. The performance of these institutions is hurting the life chances of children that need the best provision, not the worst, and all because of political ideology.

Coun Andrew Tagg, Conservative, Skircoat Green, Calderdale Council