Letter: Why can’t the banks share premises?

Yorkshire Bank, Todmorden is closing its doors
Yorkshire Bank, Todmorden is closing its doors

I appreciate the anger felt by Todmorden Yorkshire Bank customers at losing their branch of the county bank.

Having banked with most and transferred when service falls below par I believe that is one answer to loss of facilities. As banks have been closing branches for decades one wonders why not one has been prepared to share buildings, and even staff, to provide the counter services required by many customers in locations where a bank presence is a vital part of daily life.

Another answer is for banks to follow the lead of pharmacies and even the Post Office, in opening branches in super markets where several banks could operate on different days of the week to suit demand.

I recall visiting a branch of one major bank which opened twice a week in an Exmoor farmhouse with great success. Cash deposits and withdrawals were dealt with by a clerk over the kitchen table while those wishing to discuss business with an assistant manager did so in the privacy of the living room.

It worked well both to the satisfaction of local and visiting customers and to the bank which found it worthwhile to offer a flexible service in a rural village.

What ails bank directors that they cannot meet the challenges of today by flexible and imaginative innovations to suit the needs of those of their commercial clients who need to deposit cash takings on a daily basis, together with others who need local facilities?

I am more than happy to commend my local (TSB) branch but if it came to the push I would rather see visiting bank staff in a supermarket or other shared building than be forced to travel elsewhere.

Mr M Kirke, Todmorden