Lib Dems are propping up a foul Government

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So Christine Bampton-Smith thinks that only the Lib Dems are on the public’’s side.

Well Christine, the proof of the pudding etc. Simon Young has now demonstrated his commitment to the public by being instrumental in stopping the car-parking charges in Mytholmroyd.

But really, if Christine is going to generalise about the Lib Dems’ contribution to public welfare, the public needs to keep in mind the participation of her party in national government.

As part of the coalition, the Lib Dems have participated in damaging public education - remember Nick Clegg’s broken promise not to increase university fees? - and have severely undermined the role of democratically elected local councils in education; the coalition is busily dismantling the NHS by ongoing privatisation; has collaborated in campaigns against ill and disabled people; attacked multiculturalism; cut taxes for the rich while increasing taxes on the poor; is squeezing people on both public and private-sector pensions; penalised poorer parents by cutting tax credits; promoted the threatened deportation of Londoners to cheaper parts of the country by putting a limit on welfare payments and introducing the ’bedroom tax’ (which together only serve to benefit greedy landlords and subsidise underpaying employers); increasing insecurity amongst ethnic minorities with their disgusting ‘illegal immigrants’ campaigns; and now, trying to intimidate journalists who expose corrupt and anti-democratic practices in high places, and the latest semi-fascist measure, to criminalise effective campaigning organisations such as 38 Degrees.

This national government is a foul government that the Lib Dems are propping up.

If Christine thinks the above are Conservative measures which are tempered by Lib Dem social fairness, she must be living in cloud cuckoo land.

Lib Dem MPs and peers are embedded in the Conservative party whose values they used to, supposedly, oppose.

Cameron’’s Tories could not have held on to power and be inflicting the damage they are doing without the support and collaboration of Christine’’s party.

Mick Piggott,