Limit Calder catchment to area’s own feeder schools

Parents4dicipline wrote a few weeks ago with a short but to the point letter. We have monitored correspondence from both Calder High School and other parties, we are now going to cut through the smoke and mirrors.

It has been widely publicised that the facilities at Calder High School can only cater for 700 pupils not 1400.

The reason why the school is 100 per cent over subscribed is the intake at Calder High is taken far and wide from an area that stretches from Halifax to Todmorden and not exclusively from its own feeder schools as is the case at some other schools. There are simply too many students at Calder High School.

On the subject of dining facilities, once upon a time, for those who can remember, there were two diners at Calder High School which segregated lower and upper schools at dinner time, and both diners had two sittings.

The reason for the lacking facilities nowadays is only one diner now has to accommodate 1000 plus pupils over one sitting. The senior diner has been converted into a dance studio on the watch of a previous headteacher. This of course excludes the stampede of senior students who are allowed to swamp the centre of Mytholmroyd at dinner time to make nuisances of themselves whilst gorging on take away food.

The answers to the above problems are obvious. Limit the intake to Calder High School feeder schools only.

There are a vast number of current pupils who actually pass other schools with more adequate facilities on their way to and from Calder High. This would also solve the acute traffic problems on Brier Hey Lane. and ease congestion on Burnley Road.

It is an absolute disgrace how some parents have acted recently.

The current headteacher at Calder High has attempted to rein in anti-social behaviour but has not had the support of all parents and staff.

The Calder High building has stood for over 70 years and needs refurbishment and reconfiguring, not rebuilding, along with an urgent reduction in subscription. It is not the fabric of the Calder High School building that is crumbling it is society that is crumbling at a greater rate.