Lines for our library

Top O’ Th’ Hill Road,


FOLLOWING your article on library closures I wrote this. I must express an interest as I work part time at Todmorden Library.

I can’t believe just what I hear, that libraries soon will disappear,

I knew between the ifs and buts, they’d be affected by the cuts.

So times are hard and money’s tight, hope they don’t go without a fight.

Tho’ at luxuries we’ll just have to look, forget woes immersed in borrowed book.

What is that I hear you sob, lost your job.

Libraries can help you, do not fret, check vacancies upon the net,

Fill applications out online, chin up things may turn out fine.

Kids do homework, clubs do meet, babies crawl, tots stamp their feet.

They rent our music, dvds...revenue raised on both of these.

Libraries are communal places, somewhere to greet some friendly faces,

Mean many things to many folk... shut them down I hope you joke.