Lobby harder, and lend Pride support


With the local elections approaching I am interested to know what proposals our Town Councillors have to improve and manage the fabric of the town.

Are they lobbying Calderdale Council to get extra funds to renovate the stone work on the Town Hall, demolish Cinder Hill Mill, do more stone cleaning and plant trees around the town etc?

In the whole of Calderdale there are just two Town Councils, Todmorden and Hebden Bridge, and it seems that Hebden Bridge councillors are infinitely better at lobbying Calderdale for extra funds with which to make their town visually attractive to such an extent that their town has become a thriving tourist destination.

Comparisons are often made between Todmorden and Hebden Bridge and it’s obvious that a great deal of money, I believe over £1 million, has been spent on St George’s Square and Bridge Gate in Hebden Bridge in the recent past.

But Todmorden also needs funds to improve the visual aspects of the town.

Over the last 11 years Todmorden Pride has done much to improve certain areas with excellent results, and recently our Town Councillors have given them some support in the renovation of the Lever Street site, but they don’t seem to give enough support to these able volunteers who have and do give much of their spare time trying to improve the town.

I hope that in the future our councillors will pledge much more support to Todmorden Pride and in particular to lobbying Calderdale Council.

Maybe then Todmorden would be rid of the offensive dereliction, have a town centre developed in an appropriate way, be cleaned and greened and become a smart Pennine town of which we can all be proud.

Mrs F. Jones