Local good matters here


In response to Mr McMmanus’s letter (April 7) asking for Liberal Democrats to withdraw from the Coalition, may I say that perhaps he should take a look at his own party before telling other people what they should or shouldn’t do?

It was very obvious that the electorate did not venerate the Labour Party manifesto before the last general election or we would not have a Coalition government in power.

The electorate saw fit not to re- elect his party. Does that not tell Mr McManus something, or perhaps he knows full well that the voters did not appreciate the policies and his party’s leadership.

Of course, it’s now coming the time for local elections and once again as usual it’s party bashing time. Mr McManus should know better than to to bring in mainstream party politics into local elections, simply because it brings no bearing, what so ever, to what goes on here in Todmorden.

I believe that the voters here in Todmorden are intelligent and knowledgeable enough to want councilors who are prepared to work for our town to make Todmorden a more vibrant place, one which says to people “let’s visit Todmorden” and more to the point try to keep our own people here instead of them going out of town to shop.

I would like to ask Mr McManus this - what would pulling out of the Coalition do for Todmorden? The answer is nothing, Mr Cameron would not give one iota about us, but passionate councillors like Olwen Jennings and our Liberal Democrat local councillors do.

Mr McManus, instead of prattling on about mainstream politics, do something useful and tell the voters of Todmorden what your local party will do for the town, if anything, as many voters I am sure would love to hear.