Locked once a year for a reason

The pathway at issue
The pathway at issue

WITH reference to Coun McManus’s article regarding the footpath through the grounds of Todmorden Old Hall (now home to the Todmorden Vintner restaurant), I was the delivery office manager of the Post Office at Todmorden Old Hall from 1975 to my retirement in 1998.

During this time it was one of my duties to chain and padlock the gates preventing access through the grounds.

This was performed at noon on the first Saturday of the Todmorden annual holidays every year.

At this time the Post Office owned Todmorden Old Hall and locking the gates was regarded as sacrosanct and recorded in the office diary.

The Old Hall was eventually sold to Calderdale Council, the Post Office retaining the wing and the rear gardens.

Over the years I have spoken to the many tenants of the restaurant situated in Todmorden Old Hall and they assured me that the practice was still carried out, thus preventing a public right of way.

As far as I am aware, the practice of locking the gates at least once a year is still adhered to.

D. Clements,

Byrom Street,