Lots of good around us too

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It’s the silly season, when everyone wants to write and chunter about the town.

People like to have a pop at Calderdale and Todmorden councilors, the police and national Govrnment. Parking and trains are in the stew and it’s stirred with a big gloomy spoon.

I want to say, how wonderful the folk are in this town, everyday is witness to small acts of kindness that go unreported, let me share some recent highlights.

When visiting the Pie shop in the market to discuss a big Ham pie to feed the bell hangers returning the Unitarian bells, I was told a pie for ten was possible to make but it was not possible to pay for it, a gift for good folk doing a wonderful job.

The heating broke down at the church on Friday, the Vedas restaurant lent a huge space heater, the caravan place sorted out the gas, saying pay when you are sorted. Plumbers from the town nipped in and out to see if they could help.

UCCA tipped into provide refreshments for the recent canal clean-up, then there’s the new plants needed so Rotary write a cheque. It goes to show that this town works in its own way, we have a good strong community that makes us the envy of many small towns, good folk silently doing good things.

A man in my street picks up rubbish every day, it’s not kids who strew it around the bin, it’s jackdaws and they cant read signs.

Along the towpath lives a prince who shovels dog muck from the towpath keeping the path clear from Library lock to Dale street.

Just up Longfield Road is a bench for those who run out of puff to sit on and catch their breath, thanks to an observant citizen thinking about fixing a problem. The man in the toyshop puts water out for dogs and a chair for the weary.

There’s plenty of good to see - better still join in.

Mary Clear