Ludlow ‘tired’ after giants Tesco arrived

I WAS at Halifax Town Hall with two of my four staff. I have a stall in the indoor market.

I was sat at the back of the town hall and was able to hear every word Mr Sunderland said. I also heard one of the committee ask Mr Sunderland if he really wanted a Sainsbury’s and he could not answer, and gave the impression that all he really wanted was the site with something on it.

Ludlow in Shropshire not the West Midlands does have a Tesco, I was there this April on farmer’s market day. Oh how I felt for the stall holders and shops, no shortage of parking and not a bustling crowd in sight.

We spoke with the local traders and everyone said the same it was - better before the supermarket came. There were empty shops and things looked quite tired to me.

Mr Sunderland was quite offensive when he said that Todmorden market is nothing but a holiday club. He should get his facts right before he makes naughty remarks. We all work very hard to give the people in Todmorden a choice of goods that are at a good price and quality.

If Sainsbury’s arrive do the locals realise how many 44 ton waggons will be coming into Todmorden daily on a 24 hour rota. Can Halifax Road cope?

Mrs P. Raybould, and Mrs J. Foulds, Mrs S. Sharpe, Mrs P. Stafford, Mrs J. Smith and

Natasha Sharpe.