Majority of Libs always against

JULIE Stansfield states in her election leaflet: “Your local Conservatives are opposed to the application for wind farms on Todmorden Moor - Lib Dems are in favour, despite extensive local opposition.”

This is not true. At the Development Committee meeting on October 13 last year, Todmorden Town Council recommended refusal of the planning permission for the wind farm. The majority of Liberal Democrat Town Councillors have always been campaigning and voting against it.

She also claims only Conservatives fought against the wind farm. Planning permission was granted by the vote of four councillors at Calderdale Council’s Planning Committee. Two were Conservatives. Lib Dem Coun Ruth Goldthorpe (Todmorden), has campaigned against the wind farm for a long time, and was therefore not allowed to participate in the discussion and vote at the meeting.

Coun Josef Rez, Leader of Todmorden Town Council