Make it the number of items, not the mode of transporting them!

REFERRING to Alan Godfrey’s letter regarding his difficulties in hiring a carpet cleaner from Morrisons (letters, Ocotber 27), I am not one bit surprised.

Common sense seems to be a commodity in short supply where they are concerned.

A few weeks ago I went through the “hand baskets only” section, followed by an elderly couple with a trolley.

They were told by the check out girl it was for hand baskets only.

Being I would guess a little deaf they didn’t hear, and continued to offload their groceries. The girl repeated her statement to be met with baffled stares.

I pointed out to her that they only had about 10 items in the trolley (the lady appeared to be using the trolley more for support than anything else), but was told those were the rules.

While acknowledging that it was not she who made the rules, I said the rules were ridiculous in this case.

Obviously (to me at any rate), the principle behind the rule is to allow reasonably swift progress through the checkout and prevent large quantities of groceries holding up those with only a few items.

In Sainsbury’s in Burnley they label their checkouts as being for “about 10 items or less” with no specification as to how they are transported.

Some items are heavy and may not fit in a basket, and/or be too heavy to carry round the store, especially if you are elderly or have a bad back/leg /arm or have recently had a hysterectomy, and need to use a trolley.

My suggestion to such people is that they use a basket and transport it in a trolley! No rules broken then.

Kath Lawson,

Broadstone Street,