Marina’s a golden opportunity, one we shouldn’t fail to take up

IN response to Mr Taylor’s letter (June 2), I would like to put his mind at rest as he seems to have a strange view of what a canal marina is.

Firstly it has nothing to do with yachts whether they be owned by the wealthy of Todmorden or not. Yachts need wide open stretches of water, e.g. lakes or the sea and so for a number of very good practical reasons would never be put on any canal.

Secondly, Mr Taylor should know that there are dozens of canal marinas all over the country, here in Yorkshire there are twenty three, the nearest one being at Sowerby Bridge.

A marina in Todmorden would attract many visitors who would come by canal boats as well as by road and rail routes. This would create a golden opportunity to develop Todmorden tourism, which in turn would create jobs for local people.

Indeed a significant part of the architect Ivor Dibble’s suggested plan includes a hotel and shops on the site of the marina. Ivor was asked to produce a drawing for the suggested marina and in producing that drawing was not according to Mr Taylor “telling us how our little town should be”, but rather helping people to visualise what the derelict site on Halifax Road could be. He and other members of Todmorden Pride give of their own free time to try to improve Todmorden and I for one am grateful that they do.

Addressing Mr Taylor’s idea that yet another supermarket would satisfy the desires of the majority of Todmordians makes me wonder how he has come to that conclusion. Does he think that all Todmordians want to spend all their time shopping in supermarkets?

How many supermarkets does our town of approximately 15,000 people want or need? A supermarket so far down Halifax Road would not encourage people who shop there to wander along to the centre of Todmorden, and so town centre shops would not benefit in any way. Our town full of supermarkets is not my vision of a splendid future for Todmorden.

Mrs F. J .Jones