Maybe it’s time to get on our bikes

I READ with delight your report regarding the refusal for Sainsbury’s to occupy the Halifax Road gateway site.

Although I live in Littleborough I spend lots of time in Todmorden and love the town.

My suggestion for an exciting alternative use would be a cycling velodrome. The following factors back up my suggestion: the huge increase (boom) in cycling (particularly competitive cycling); this would be a green initiative; it would attract crowds to the town to spend money in the shops and businesses; the road through Todmorden to Littleborough to Hebden Bridge is extremely popular with cyclists; leisure cyclists can use the velodrome facility outside of competitive events (generating income); it would be an attractive building; and a velodrome would raise the profile of the town

I look forward to your views on this suggestion.

Brian Peirce, Littleborough.