Maybe we need to take a different tack

I write regarding Monday’s flash floods.

The Environment Agency are already suggesting that the unusual amount of rainfall caused the flood, which I agree is true but then most of Tod’s floods are of this nature.

I don’t think it can really be prevented so perhaps they should stop throwing money at it and use any funds to help flood victims.

You can buy a lot of carpets for what was spent on the park!

Just clean the drains regularly, it’s not rocket science.

I also wonder what purpose the flood siren serves.

We realised we were going to have a flood situation at 5.30pm.

I know because I checked and it took exactly one hour for the siren to sound.

Surely it should be a warning before or at the beginning of the event?

It’s a bit galling when you have been wading for a hour and directing traffic when the warning finally sounds.

Talking of traffic, wherever you are going, you are not more important than the homes and businesses deperately trying to stop the tidal wave you cause going into their buildings.

You know who you are!

A. Lord,

Burnley Road, Todmorden.