More jobs and also more choice

Kilnhurst Road,


I HAVE been watching with interest the controversy over planning applications for a couple of supermarkets in Todmorden.

I cannot see what the “No More Supermarkets” brigade’s problem is. Like them or loathe them, supermarkets are part of modern life.

They are not only for the benefit of potential shoppers, but they also provide many jobs for people, especially a lot of young people who are struggling to find work, especially in Todmorden.

We should welcome these companies who want to come to Todmorden. The trouble is we have too many Luddites living in our town at the moment who are against any kind of change or improvement and are content to live in what is virtually a building site.

Most people do a weekly shop at the supermarket as my wife does, but we also use the Market Hall and the smaller retail outlets in the town as well.

We only have two supermarkets of any size, Morrison and Lidl.

I can’t see what difference it makes to have a couple more. It can only be better for shoppers with more choice and perhaps more bargains.

We recently went to Keighley for the first time for some time and were very pleasantly surprised what a lovely little place it is - our councillors should go and see what a small town should be like - a proper precinct with Marks and Spencer, Debenham’s, W. H. Smith’s etc and also a market better than we have in Todmorden.

In Halifax a new shopping plaza is being constructed - why is it only Halifax where all the new buildings are built?

It made me realise how decrepit and run-down the upper valley has become and Calderdale Council don’t seem to care about Todmorden as long as we keep paying our Council Tax and they can spend it in Halifax.

As for the old Olympia Cinema, get rid of it as it just looks like a disused public toilet.