Much more to us

Todmorden Moor

Restoration Trust.

The trust is grateful for the front page coverage of the mayor’s support for our recent dinner.

However, at the end of your article you ask one simple question, “Do you support the moorland campaigners?” The article also included quotes from me on the current wind turbine permissions for Todmorden Moor.

I am writing to remind your readers that supporting us, or not, is a lot more complicated than just campaigning against moorland wind power, which we have been forced into during the last four years.

Our main very successful work has been to get rid of mountains of filthy illegally tipped rubbish on the moor, and then set up schemes to prevent tipping in the future.

We work with the police to stop thoughtless off-roaders that rip up the peat moorland. We have got Todmorden Moor recognised as a site of special interest for geologists because of the many fossils found there. We research the history of our common land and the moor’s mining and farming heritage.

Above all we raise money to improve the moorland and help the natural recovery of the areas damaged by the old industries. If you must see us as campaigners, we are campaigning for a better future for Todmorden Moor.

I’m sure that deserves support, whatever you think of wind farms on the moors.

Sarah Pennie,