My cry of help did not go unheard

I WOULD like to praise and humbly thank the good good people of Todmorden who came to the rescue in my hour of despair.

There are many others who had a greater need than myself, who lost personal possessions and the use of their houses, who have also benefited from the kindness shown in this community-spirited town. I had four feet of water flood into my dress shop and was horrified to see the mud and damage last Saturday morning. A cry of help was sent out to Calder Valley Flood Victims to wash some of the dresses and it did not go unheard. And down they came, people who had never met me, to cart off bags of filthy dresses which were returned clean and sweet smelling and as good as new. I couldn’t even be there to thank them in person as I am busy teaching during the week but thought maybe that if they read this, they will know the gratitude and appreciation I have for them is heart-felt.

Sal Noel (Darling You Look

Gorgeous, Todmorden)