New council will shape changes

THIS election time we are voting for the people we want to run our town. We have to decide who we think will run our town the best, and promote and fight for it the most.

I beleive Todmorden stands on the verge of huge changes - changes which will affect our town for generations - and it is the next town council that should shape, promote and drive Todmorden forward.

I will be standing for the Conservative Party in Walsden as I feel the village in which I was born and brought up in needs stronger representation.

I feel that many questions are being asked but no answers are forthcoming.

What is happening with our school and why is it being left to fall apart when there are so many things it could be used for? What is being done about our flooding issues? What about the flooding damage caused at Copperashouse? We don’t just want answers, we ant solutions.

In our town centre we are about to embark on prohjects that will change the way our town works - in essence whether it survives and grows as a vibrant town with attractions people want to visit or just another communter clone town with no soul, only supermarkets.

Good representation and strong committed people who want and have a passion for seeing our town and its surrounding areas grow from strength to strength is what we as Todmordians should expect as aminimum requirement from the people we elect.

Andrew Hartley, Walsden