No art deco but a cautious welcome

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I am delighted to note that Asda is at last looking to progress with development of this site which has remained derelict and a blight to our town for far too long.

I believe we must welcome this proposal in principle.

I must however correct the impression given by your article in the Todmorden News issued on January 30. The article correctly quotes the Heritage Statement by Roger Wools and Associates submitted as part of the supporting documentation for application ref. 13/01598/FUL in relation to the existing art deco façade to the former cinema building.

However this statement is dated November 2010 and originally prepared in support of an earlier application. The proposed elevations submitted do not retain any of the original façade and comprise Cast Stone (Ashlar Finish), Reconstituted Stone (Rough Finish) and White Kingspan (colour coated metal) panels.

Whilst the elevations submitted are a considerable improvement on some earlier proposals, it is a pity high quality materials such as the natural ashlar York-stone used in the Abraham Ormerod Centre will presumably be taken off site as part of the demolition and new cast stone blocks, admittedly of different dimensions, will subsequently be imported for construction. Is this justifiable in terms of sustainability?

Ivor Dibble,