No free parking is the biggest danger to town

why are people so stubborn? Our town has got to change.

I’m all for shopping locally and love our market, inside and outside. But with the council wanting no free parking then we totally DO need another supermarket so we can have their free parking, then walk across to the market and small shops.

I can tell you now that when these parking charges come into place then we won’t be shopping in Todmorden anymore. I’d rather shop online for my big shop as won’t have to pay petrol or parking.

As it stands, when we do have to pay for parking by the market then we are constantly clock checking anyway, so unfortunately can’t stop in the town centre for long enough to enjoy it.

How nice it will be to sit in a cafe and have a brew and make a day of it, looking round the shops without rushing.

Also, all these people that say the market will die off with another supermarket...I bet they don’t ever shop at the market. My hubby likes the inside market but its always shut by the time he finishes work!

It won’t be the new Asda that will destroy Tod, it’ll be no free parking that does it.

Maybe the council will have the genius idea of using the Abraham Ormerod site for a big, ugly multi-story car park? Then we can have lots of expensive parking in Tod and nobody shopping here. We can be known as “Todmorden- town of rip-off parking, only the rich can shop here!”

Our town is full of beautiful scenery but what ruins it is our run down centre. Let Asda build, stop moaning people.

Jade Taylor