No mention of the performance quality of a highly talented cast

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I AM writing in response to the ‘review’ of Rent in today’s edition (April 14).

Frankly I am appalled by the lack in quality, and thoroughness. The ‘review’ is a best a meek description of the outline, that by no means tells the whole story.

I attended the opening night of this musical, and having enjoyed it so much returned again yesterday evening. Unfortunately, having now seen this production twice I feel the local newspaper have sold the Hippodrome Theatre and all associated with it very short.

The quality of the production at the Hippodrome this week is fabulous, the set looks like it has been professionally created, the direction brings the story to life with a superb balance of emotions. The sound was stunning! The band and the supremely talented cast are as one.

Within the ‘review’ there is no mention of the quality of performances given which is a travesty. The main characters were stunning and were supported by an ensemble that was just as committed and talented.

I am a great supporter of local theatre groups within the region and attend all productions at the Hippodrome. Regrettably this is not the first time I have felt the review in the newspaper was inadequate. This is not because I believe everything should be lauded, moreover my concern is with the lack of ‘reviewing’ with the review.

Too often the report has been synopsis rather than critique, and this time I felt compelled to get in touch regarding this issue.

Steven Dennison, Walsden.

l Editor’s note: Our reviewer’s copy did made reference to the quality of the direction and the stunning work put in by the stage crew to influence its look, which were omitted for reasons of space. In terms of a summary of the plot, readers who don’t know the musical will want some indication of what it is about.